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Serving Up Sustainability at CPMA 2019

A.M.A.’s Shawn Mallen and Rick Bradt attended the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) conference and trade show this week, along with an estimated 4,000 other participants. Their goal? Get a first-hand look at what’s new across the country and discover what solutions are needed to support the changing needs of our produce-growing customers.  

“It was great to see so many of our customers showcasing not only their produce, but also their innovations to advance the Canadian produce industry,” said Shawn, A.M.A.’s hydroponics expert. 

Sustainable Horticulture

Sustainability was a strong focus of the show, according to Shawn and Rick. From new organic varieties to paper-based packaging to more efficient production and use of fewer inputs, growers are using greener methods to bring fruits and vegetables to consumer tables.

“A.M.A. supports a greener future for horticulture,” said Rick, who serves as A.M.A.’s Managing Director in partnership with his wife, Connie Bradt-Monsma. “Ellepots by A.M.A. are helping growers go plastic-free, and our compostable twine and clips give hydroponic growers green solutions. We also offer mixes that are certified for organic horticulture and containers specially designed for organic growing.”

“We know that sustainability is a value, not a trend and we’re encouraged to see how our industry is driving it forward.” 

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