NSI EG6900 Econo-Grip Nursery Container 111147-01

EG6900 Econo-Grip Nursery Container


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Product Information

NSI’s EG6900 Econo-Grip Nursery Container is a 49.93 L (13.19 Gal), trade size #15, blow molded nursery pot. These are economical containers with the same great features as the Grip-Lip®. This makes the Econo-Grip™ a perfect choice for the liner in a Pot-In-Pot or AGS® application. It eases the strain of maneuvering heavy plants and trees because the lip becomes a rigid handle. Nursery containers are label compatible and include a one-year quality guarantee.

  • 49.93 L (13.19 Gal) nursery pot
  • Trade Size #15
  • Blow Molded
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Perfect for Pot in Pot systems
  • Label compatible
  • 1-year quality guarantee

Product Specifications