Berry Seeder Berry Precision Seeder System 025001-00

Berry Precision Seeder System


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Product Information

Berry Seeder’s Precision Seeder System is one of the fastest, most accurate seeders on the market. At 250 trays per hour, it can sow a wide variety of seeds in virtually any plug tray, cell pack, or propagation tube. Made of lightweight corrosion resistant polycarbonate and machined aluminum, the transparent seeder body allows for easy inspection of clogged holes and/or misses. This seeder seeds directly into the whole plug tray at once, not one row at a time. It is ideal for small to midsize growing operations. No motors, solenoids, bearings or electrical components to break down or wear out. It is so easy to operate; anyone can do it!

  • Seeds 250 trays/hr
  • Corrosion resistant system
  • Made of polycarbonate and machined aluminum
  • Any plug tray, cell pack, or propagation tube
  • Transparent body allows for easy inspection
  • Easy to operate
  • Ideal for small to midsize growers