BVB Substrates Round Tip De-leafing Knife 021950-00

Round Tip De-leafing Knife


x 1 per Case = 1

Product Information

BVB Substrates’ Round Tip De-leafing Knife provides an excellent way to prune plants. The rounded tip offers protection to the main plant stem, helping to avoid accidental cuts that could lead to disease. The knife has a 4 cm blade that is made of high-quality C60 steel. Also commonly known as a pepper knife, this cropping tool is specifically designed for working with vegetable, fruit and flowering plants.

  • 4cm duplex sharpened, razor sharp blade
  • Made of C60 stainless steel
  • Rounded tip
  • Avoid accidental cuts that could lead to disease
  • Ideal for vegetable, fruit and flowering plants
  • Lightweight PE handle