Dramm 1000PL Orangehead Water Breaker 060025-28

1000PL Orangehead Water Breaker


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Product Information

Dramm’s 1000PL Orangehead Water Breaker nozzle throws a wider pattern than the standard Redhead, offering the ability to cover more area with a soft, gentle flow. With over 1,000 specially drilled holes and a flow rate of 8gpm, it has the softest flow on the market. Manufactured in the USA from ABS plastic and a stainless-steel disc. Ideal for the light watering of seedlings or plugs.

  • Softest flow available
  • 8gpm
  • 1000 holes
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Stainless steel disc
  • Ideal for gently watering plugs and seedlings
  • Wide watering pattern

Product Specifications