Dramm 350PL Screen-Aire Water Breaker 060014-08

350PL Screen-Aire Water Breaker


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Product Information

Dramm’s 350PL Screen-Aire Water Breaker is designed to water nursery containers with a gentle, concentrated aerated flow of water. A fine-mesh screen and an array of internal components combine air and water to produce a very soft, unrestricted spray. Made in USA from durable, lightweight POM plastic and stainless-steel screens, the 350PL offers high flow with an ultra-soft, aerated pattern. The 350PL is perfect for quickly watering containers and nursery stock while not washing the media or fertilizer out of the pot. 3/4 brass threads.

  • Nursery can nozzle
  • Air intake holes aerates water, adding oxygen to soften the flow
  • Specialized screen diffuses water and aerates to soften pattern
  • Won’t disturb soil or wash out fertilizer
  • 3/4 brass threads
  • Ideal for fast watering of containers

Product Specifications