Fafard Agro Mix G10 AF

Agro Mix G10 AF


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Product Information

AGRO MIX® G10, an AGGREGATE-FREE, aerated substrate composed of fibers that are large and uniform at the same time. Nothing compares on the market! This is a energy saving, high quality mix that will reduce your production costs. By reducing production time, it’s possible to lower heating, nutrition, labour and other costs.  Agro Mix® G10 has the highest gas diffusion rate, excellent drainage and aeration, and good water retention. This soil mix is ideal for perennials, hanging baskets, tree nursery seedlings, vegetable plants, annuals, potted flowers, sub-irrigation, fall mums and single year container berries. Ingredients: professional XC & Agro Mix peat, limestone, balanced nutrient charge with micronutrients, gypsum and wetting agent.

Product Specifications