Fafard Agro Mix G3 with Compost

Agro Mix G3 with Compost


Product Information

Fafard’s Agro Mix® G3 with Compost is a mid-range heavy mix that combines high performance substrate characteristics with high water-retention properties. The added compost provides a great source of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms which promotes plant growth and allows for better nutrient absorption, storage and slow release over time. Agro Mix® G3 also contains bark which promotes drainage in addition to providing weight to the soil. This soil mix is ideal for vegetable plants, annuals, fall mums, perennials and hanging baskets. Ingredients: professional peat, brown peat, perlite, aged softwood bark, compost, limestone, balanced nutrient charge with micronutrients and a wetting agent. This product cannot be shipped via courier.

Product Specifications