Fafard Agro Mix G6 with Coco

Agro Mix G6 with Coco


Product Information

Fafard’s Agro Mix® G6 with compost is an all-purpose soil mix with high porosity that provides good drainage and gas diffusion due to its particular peat composition. Soil porosity creates spaces allowing oxygen and water (two essential elements to photosynthesis) to quickly reach the roots to facilitate their development. The added coco increases water retention, improves porosity and structure, and acts as a natural wetting agent. Agro Mix® G6 was designed to meet the needs of producers that prefer to use one planting mix for all growing needs. It is specifically recommended for hanging baskets, cannabis, cutting propagation, perennials and annuals. Ingredients: professional peat, perlite, coconut husk fibre, limestone, balanced nutrient charge with micronutrients, gypsum and a wetting agent. This product cannot be shipped via courier.

G6 is our most popular, non-specialty mix.

Product Specifications