Fafard Agro Mix N7 Nursery Low pH 067143-21

Agro Mix N7 Nursery Low pH

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Product Information

Fafard’s Agro Mix® N7 is a bark-based soil mix specially designed for the production of woody plants in outdoor containers. While adding weight to the substrate, the aged softwood bark increases porosity and drainage which contributes to root development. Additionally, the added compost provides a great source of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms which promotes plant growth and allows for better nutrient absorption, storage and slow release over time. It is suitable for intensive production with short irrigation cycles. Agro Mix® N7 is ideal for trees, shrubs, evergreens, rhododendrons and blueberries. Ingredients: sifted aged softwood bark, professional peat, compost, sand, limestone, and balanced nutrient charge with micro nutrients and gypsum. This product cannot be shipped via courier.

  • Bark-based mix
  • Superior root quality
  • Better nutrient absorption and release
  • Contains compost (growth stimulator)
  • Contains bark for added weight
  • Soil mix for woody plants in outdoor containers, trees, shrubs, evergreens, rhododendrons, blueberries
  • Drainage: 5; Aeration: 6; Retention: 5; Gas Diffusion: 6
  • 2/pallet
  • Custom Mix- allow plenty of time

Product Specifications