Bato Plastics B.V. 18 Cell Strawberry Tray 023293-01

18 Cell Strawberry Tray


x 1 per Case = 1

Product Information

Bato’s 18 Cell Strawberry Tray can cultivate more plants per square metre than with other mini trays. Because of the smaller cups and more plants per square meter, the production costs per plant are lower than the costs for a standard tray plant. The special shape of the facing end ensures an identical planting distance, even with 2 trays one behind the other. This guarantees the uniformity of plants. These facing ends also ensure that the trays stand firmly in line. Cutting the runners goes faster. The tray has a space of 3 cm under the cups, so there is more distance between the ground and the bottom of the cup. The strawberry tray is nestable and has a maximum load of 15 kg.

  • Cultivate more plants/sq.m.
  • Smaller cups
  • Production costs per plant are lower
  • Special shape ensures identical planting distance and uniformity of plants
  • Trays stand firmly in line making cutting the runners faster
  • 3 cm space under cups
  • Nestable
  • Maximum load of 15 kg
  • Available in bulk – contact A.M.A. to learn more
  • We ship across Canada & USA

Product Specifications