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Strawberry Trough


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Product Information

The Bato Strawberry Trough has been developed especially for the growing of strawberries. Its unique truss supports prevent breaking of trusses. The Bato Strawberry Trough hangs between two iron pipes (51mm) and in combination with some accessories (hooks, shackles, chains) it is an easy to install growing system. A metal shackle can be used to combine the position of the trough, the drain water collection gutter, the irrigation hose and, if necessary, the CO2 hose. The Bato Strawberry Trough has two round drain holes with cross at the bottom. For the collection of drain water we advise the Drain pipe 50, available in lengths of 5.5 meters. Depending on the size of the plants, approximately 5 or 6 plants can be placed in the trough. This is equivalent to approximately 2 litres substrate per plant. The Strawberry Trough can be steam-cleaned under certain conditions and used for many years.

  • Truss supports prevent plant damage
  • Easy to make into growing system and drainage system
  • Can be steam-cleaned for years of use
  • Ideal for strawberry production
  • Available in bulk – contact A.M.A. to learn more

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