Cultilene Stonewool Block 100x150x65 – 2×27/35 TL 047415-00

Stonewool Block 100x150x65 – 2×27/35 TL


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Product Information

Cultilene’s cultivation products meets the highest standards and excel in robustness, and that’s important for handling and retaining product characteristics throughout the entire cultivation process. Cultilene’s square propagation blocks come in strips, are wrapped in plastic to reduce evaporation, and have a standard size pre-cut holes for transplanting young plants started in stonewool plugs. A perfect choice for your hydroponic vegetables, these stonewool blocks offer a firm and consistent growing medium for your plants, complete controllability, and a fibre structure that encourages healthier root growth.

  • Ideal for cucumber and sweet pepper
  • Little resistance during rooting and without loss of firmness
  • Rapid rooting from plug to block
  • Available in bulk – contact A.M.A.

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