Fafard Agro Mix O8 HD Organic

Agro Mix O8 HD Organic


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Product Information

Fafard’s Agro Mix O8 HD Organic offers superior drainage, aeration and gas diffusion due to its particular peat composition. Soil porosity creates spaces allowing oxygen and water (two essential elements to photosynthesis) to quickly reach the roots to facilitate their development. Agro Mix O8 contains coconut husk chunks, professional peat, sea compost, perlite, limestone and natural fertilizer. Excellent mineral retention while improving both the physical structure (porosity and stability over time) and the moistening of the soil mix. Coconut husk chunks aid aeration in addition to being an excellent source of potassium. Agro Mix O8 also contains compost which adds organic matter and nutrients and also has a buffering capacity which allows it to absorb nutrients from another source (ex: fertilizer), to store it and release it gradually thereafter. Certified for use in organic agriculture/horticulture.

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