Bato Plastics B.V. Tomato Clip

Tomato Clip


Product Information

Bato Tomato Clips (and eggplant & peppers) ensure optimal plant stem guidance in the growing of tomatoes or other crops. Using the Bato Clip eliminates the need to twist the plant stems along twine, reducing plant damage and improving production and quality. The clip closes more easily than other clips, meaning it’s easier on the clip installer and faster. An improved locking system ensures the clips stays closed but allows for easy opening if the lock is manually triggered. These clips are very smooth and vented to prevent cuts to the vines and an improved twine grip means no sliding on the twine. Standard polypropylene clips are available in terracotta with 21mm available in black, and industrially compostable clips in brown. Tomato clips come in four sizes to meet every tomato’s (or eggplant’s or pepper’s) need. Using this high quality clip will improve production, while reducing cost.

Product Specifications