Blackmore 10 Air Tray® 028504-01

10 Air Tray®

x 25 per Case = 25

Product Information

The 10-count for 80mm Ellepots, was designed for fruit and nut tree production. The BM 10 Ellepot Air Tray® cells are wider and deeper, for larger more vigorous or more mature species. The cell depth accommodates cuttings prone to tap root development and the Air Tray® design ensures very good air circulation throughout the cell during root development to promote air root pruning and the development of secondary and tertiary roots. Increased active root tips means: more efficient uptake of water and nutrients, improved usage of available growing media/space by the young plant, smaller volume Ellepot required compared to plastic pots/bags and improved plant growth.

  • Made for fruit and nut trees
  • Large cell volume
  • Root pruning
  • 4 large drain holes
  • 88 Ellepots/m²
  • Compatible with 80mm X 160mm Ellepots

Product Specifications