A.M.A. 128 Pre-filled Stonewool Plug Tray 000034-00

128 Pre-filled Stonewool Plug Tray


x 17 per Case = 17

Product Information

Our Prefilled 128 Stonewool Plug Tray comes with a high quality substrate to ensure healthy seedlings. Stonewool offers the grower more control over the delicate germination process and remains firm as the plant grows, allowing for easy and hassle-free transplanting. These plugs are industry standard size and fit stonewool blocks with 28/35 holes. Plugs are dibbled for better seed centering and to allow for top covering with vermiculite or other material. Plugs are made right here at A.M.A. and inserted into the trays.

  • Made for automation
  • Perfect for tomatoes or peppers
  • 16 x 8 configuration
  • North American standard size tray
  • Plugs measure 22mm x 27mm
  • Encourages healthy root growth
  • Complete control over moisture level
  • Vented tray for excellent air circulation
  • Excellent drainage
  • Perfect for ebb & flow floors or tables
  • Cell shape is round with fluted cell walls
  • A.M.A was directly involved in the design of this tray
  • 560/bulk pallet

Product Specifications