Bato Plastics B.V. 26 Cell Strawberry Propagation Tray

26 Cell Strawberry Propagation Tray


Product Information

With its smaller cups, you can cultivate more plants per square metre in the Bato 26 Cell Strawberry Tray than in other mini trays. The tray is 100 cm long, which means it takes less work to place, fill and empty the trays. Compared to the costs of producing a standard tray plant, this tray leads to lower production costs per plant. The special shape of the 26-hole tray creates uniform plant spacing, even when multiple trays are lined up. This ensures good plant uniformity. In the design of the strawberry tray, there is an extra space of 6.5 cm between the base of the cup and the ground or floor. This reduces the risk of diseases caused by splashing water.

Product Specifications