East Jordan Plastics 288 CE Vented Plug Tray 064022-01

288 CE Vented Plug Tray


x 100 per Case = 100
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Product Information

East Jordan Plastic’s 288 CE Vented Plug Tray is precision-engineered to exact tolerances. Whether you need to hand-stick rooted cuttings, or sow millions of seeds using the latest automated equipment, EJP plug trays offer you the levels of consistent precision and repeatable performance you need. Every plug tray has uniform wall thickness that provides strong corners and bottoms and are designed for easy de-nesting. These trays are endless for faster, high precision sowing.

  • 288 Common Element
  • Cell volume: 0.38 cu in
  • Tray volume: 109.4 cu in
  • Vented for better air circulation around the plants
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Strong corners and bottom
  • Easy de-nesting
  •  Available in bulk – 2,800/pallet

Product Specifications