Blackmore 324 Punch N’ Gro Tray 028041-01

324 Punch N’ Gro Tray


x 80 per Case = 80

Product Information

Blackmore’s 324 Punch ‘N Gro Plug Tray permits high speed transplanting. Imagine Planting 300 – 500 trays per hour at a fraction of the cost of traditional transplant machines. Small and larger growers are doing this very successfully with the low-cost, high speed Punch ‘N Gro Translanter, available from Ball Horticulture. The Punch ‘n Gro X-cut plug trays are the key to this economical system.

  • 324 count
  • 0.875" deep cells with 5.8cc volume
  • Fast transplanting
  • Available in bulk - contact A.M.A. to learn more

Product Specifications