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Solution Spotlight: Bermuda Hanging Pot

At A.M.A., we’re always looking for new solutions that will keep our customers on trend and ahead of the curve. We’re excited to introduce the new Bermuda Hanging Pot from Bato. The 15cm / 5.5” basket features an embossed geometric pattern that gives the matte finish subtle depth and sheen. Indoor or outdoor, it’s the perfect little pot for today’s small-plant trends.

“I look for decorative containers that offer something of interest, whether that’s a cool new pattern or a great water saving feature.”

Janan Alles, Manager of Growing Containers, Soils and Equipment, A.M.A. Horticulture Inc.

“I like the Bermuda Hanging Pot because it has a unique look for the small basket market – which continues to grow – and it’s in line with modern, geometric houseware trends,” says Janan. “On top of that, it’s just doggone cute!”

Bermuda is available March 2020

The Bermuda Hanging Basket comes with a built-in water reservoir and four drainage holes, and fits with a 3-strand 36cm hanger (sold separately).

Starting in March 2020, A.M.A. will carry the Bermuda Hanging basket in Anthracite and Taupe (featured in photo below). It will also be available in Bato’s assorted colours, including a lovely Sage green (featured in photo), in bulk quantities only.

Connect with Janan today to talk about how the Bermuda Hanging Pot and other A.M.A. solutions can fit into your container program for 2020.