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Solution Spotlight: Mayca Container

Looking for a colourful, versatile container that goes from growing to decorative without breaking a sweat? Try the Mayca container from Desch’s Epla line-up. From Boxwood to Hydrangea, from bedding plants to grasses and greens, this dynamic container works well with whatever you’re growing. It is a traditional growing pot with a Y-base and bottom drainage holes, and features a matte finish that’s rich in colour.

Key Features

  • Higher rim + high pot = higher decorative value
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Smooth surface. Soil doesn’t stick!
  • Distinctive modern design
  • Volume of 27 cm almost equal to 29 cm tree container, which optimizes loading space
  • Unbeatable price/quality ratio

“We love the Epla line by Desch because it offers quality that growers can count on while packing a bold, colourful punch,” says Connie Bradt, managing director, A.M.A. “The Mayca container is a great example of a clean, modern growing container that any consumer would love to have on their patio or balcony.”

Learn more about the Mayca container in this flyer from Desch Plantpak. Click Here.

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Bring colour to your container program

With so many fresh colours to choose from, growers are inspired to take the lead on garden design trends and deliver the latest styles. See all 140 Epla colours in the new Epla Colour Card digital magazine.

Interested in adding Mayca or other Epla containers to your program? Contact A.M.A.’s Janan Alles today.