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A.M.A. spotlight in Hortidaily ahead of CGC

We are honoured to be featured in global horticulture media platform, Hortidaily, this week ahead of the Canadian Greenhouse Conference (CGC) taking place in Niagara for the first time in person since 2019.

The article, titled “Horticulture wholesaler celebrates 40 years and looks ahead to next forty“, was the top story in Hortidaily’s e-newsletter on September 29th, delivered to over 55,000 subscribers worldwide.

A.M.A.’s Connie Bradt, managing director of A.M.A., and Elise Johnson, manager of communications and marketing, were interviewed by Hortidaily’s Rose Seguin to discuss plans for the Canadian Greenhouse Conference, including a mini celebration for our 40th anniversary (including cake!) in booth 325, and a presentation on berry substrates to be given by A.M.A. manager of hydroponics and berries, Shawn Mallen. Visit Shawn in our hydroponics/berries booth 225.

“There has been a shift in mindset in recent generations, with growers thinking that just because something works doesn’t mean they can’t innovate to improve it. We embrace that mindset because that’s how we approach this industry, too,” Connie told Rose in the interview.

You can’t grow if you’re not learning.

Connie Bradt, managing director, A.M.A. Horticulture

New A.M.A. Learning Cafe

The article also highlight’s A.M.A.’s new Learning Cafe, a neutral space where industry members can gather to share ideas, discuss issues in the industry and hear from guest speakers.

“This new space embodies our commitment to always learning, always growing. We want to be a welcoming space for conversation, collaboration, and learning in all areas of horticulture, including the greenhouse, ornamental, and nursery,” said Elise in the interview.

A.M.A. plans to formally launch its Learning Cafe later this year.

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