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Why Have Houseplants Stolen our Hearts?

By Elise Johnson, Communications & Marketing Manager, A.M.A. Horticulture Inc.

Throughout the pandemic, houseplants have been hotter than ever. And according to a new study conducted by the Floral Marketing Fund, consumer purchasing doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Stuck at home, plants have taken on a new role, making spaces more attractive and supporting mental health and wellness. People have fallen in love with their indoor greenery, with consumers even willing to pay a premium, according to the Floral Marketing Fund study. So is it true love or a passing fling? Findings anticipate that as we ‘return to normal’, houseplants will continue to be in demand.

Insights from a houseplant enthusiast

We asked Stephanie Persichilli, Retail Manager at Valleyview Gardens, why she thinks houseplants have become so popular and which plant will be top banana in 2022.

Houseplant Enthusiast
Stephanie Persichilli, Retail Manager at Valleyview Gardens, Ontario

How have you seen Valleyview’s houseplant business grow in recent years, and especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

Even before the pandemic began, I noticed that more and more people were starting to develop a love for houseplants. When I first started working here 7 years ago, we didn’t have or sell nearly as many houseplants as we do now.

Recently, especially with the pandemic keeping people indoors, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people interested in developing their indoor gardens. More younger people, even children, are getting excited and asking questions about how to care for indoor plants. Here at Valleyview we have plants for people of all ages and we are always happy to help new plant parents with any and all questions they might have.

What is it about houseplants that’s stolen the hearts of young gardeners?

There are so many reasons to love houseplants!

Caring for houseplants can be such a rewarding experience. You can watch your plant grow as you take care of it. Not to mention they bring the beauty of nature indoors and enliven any and every room in your home, making it a place you want to be (especially when it’s a place you can’t leave!).

Obtaining rare houseplants has become a bit of a hobby for some people as they grow their own personal collections of different species. You see something new on social media and want to add it to your shelf. Trying to obtain the complete collection of a certain species of houseplant can be really fun!

What houseplant are you most excited about for 2022?

The Philodendron White Wizard. It has become one of the most sought-after plants over the last few months and we have quite a few growing in our back greenhouses! The beautiful white variegation of the white wizard in contrast to the deep green makes it a beautiful addition to anyone’s indoor garden.

And just for fun, what is your personal favorite houseplant?

Personally, my favourite plant is the Pothos n’ Joy because it’s such an easy plant to care for, but it also has such beautiful bushy leaves and adds a little pop of colour to my houseplant collection. It’s a perfect houseplant for beginners and a tried-and-true option for plant parents the world over.

Favourite houseplants for 2022

A.M.A. Horticulture is proud to work alongside creative, passionate plant people like Stephanie and the Valleyview Gardens team to continue cultivating the future of horticulture. Check out Valleyview’s Instagram to see what’s growing on in their greenhouses and for more plant tips and tricks.

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