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Al’s Flower Pouch sponsoring first-ever #VirtualBrainTumourWalk

On June 27, 2020, every time you use the hashtag #VirtualBrainTumourWalk, Al’s Flower Pouch by A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. will donate 27 cents to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

About the walk

Windsor Walk Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada Als Flower Pouch
Rick and Connie Bradt at the BTFC Windsor Walk.

Each year, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada (BTFC) hosts annual walks across Canada to raise funds in support of Canadians living with brain tumours. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the walk is going digital. On June 27, the first-ever #VirtualBrainTumourWalk will connect Canadians through social media.

At A.M.A., we love ‘firsts’. We are proud to be the national sponsor of this innovative solution during an unpredictable and challenging year. We hope that this virtual event will inspire more people to participate from wherever they are.

Why June 27, and 27 cents?

Because every day, 27 Canadians will hear the words, “You have a brain tumour.” Just like A.M.A.’s Rick Bradt did twenty years ago.

Al’s Flower Pouch & Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Al's Flower Pouch and Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada A.M.A.
Al’s Flower Pouches are printed with Brain Tumour Foundation information in Canada.

In 2000, A.M.A. managing directors, Rick and Connie Bradt, received the diagnosis and Rick’s first surgery followed just weeks later. The couple was eager for information about what to expect, but it wasn’t easy to find. They found the BTFC website, which provided the resources they needed to get through that difficult time. Today, Rick is tumour-free and A.M.A. is giving back.

Al’s Flower Pouch is a proud partner of BTFC. Since 2003, pouches sold in Canada are printed with the BTFC logo and website to help raise awareness and put important information into the hands of Canadians who need it. A portion of proceeds from the sale of Al’s Flower Pouch in Canada goes directly to the foundation, too. To date, A.M.A. has raised more than $100,000. We want to thank all of the growers, garden centres, distributors and home gardeners who have helped us reach that milestone. Your support makes a difference.

Flower-pouch fans, share your pics!

Want to help support this cause? On June 27, we’re calling all growers, garden centres, distributors and home gardeners to share photos of your Al’s Flower Pouches on social media with the hashtag #VirtualBrainTumourWalk. You’re already supporting Canadians living with Brain Tumours just by having those pouches. Now it’s time to post about them on social media!

Tag #AlsFlowerPouch and mention our handles so we can help amplify:
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@AlsFlowerPouch (Instagram)
@amahort (Twitter)

Join Team Bradt’s Brains and walk with us!

The beauty of this year’s virtual walk is that you can participate wherever you are in the world. Register or donate to the A.M.A. team, Bradt’s Brains, and walk with us (from a distance) on June 27.