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Dry Hydroponics

Dry Hydroponics® is a unique growing system that guarantees extraordinary root development for high-quality leafy green vegetables and herbs that are clean and ready to eat, right off the field. With simple, straightforward technology, the patented float and water-management design provides an optimal growing environment around the roots and the leaves resulting in superior quality and yield. Whether you’re a commercial grower looking to get started in leafy greens or expand your operation, A.M.A. will work with you to understand your space, set-up, budget and crop, and implement a custom Dry Hydroponics® system that meets your needs.

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Leafy Greens That Meet Your Needs

  • Modular cultivation system that fits almost any field
  • Highly efficient use of water, fertilizer and energy
  • High density and increased production volume
  • No losses or spoilage of nutrient water with minerals
  • Easy, fast growing and low maintenance
  • Simple technology that can be fully automated
  • Clean, ready-to-eat cultivation
  • Healthier plants with longer shelf life
  • Sustainable production of high-quality leafy greens and herbs

Create a Custom Solution

We work with you and the Dry Hydroponics® team to understand your unique situation and provide the best solution.

  • Assess targets, field and location
  • Custom designed layout
  • Build the system
  • System training
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Everyone on A.M.A.’s team has lived on the other side of the fence, working in greenhouses, nurseries, garden centres, orchards, fields – you name it. We’re embedded in the industry, we speak your language, and we’re here to find a solution.

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We’ll help you choose the best solution for your success. Submit a request for a consultation by clicking the button and our team will reach out by phone or email to learn more about your operation and help you build a custom Dry Hydroponics® system. This system is for commercial growers. Please note that it may take 4-7 business days to receive a response from our team.