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Epla brings colour to your container program

Colour matters when it comes to container success. A.M.A. can help you match your container colours to the latest fashion and homeware trends, with help from new Epla colour cards.

Our partners at the always-innovative Desch Plantpak have launched a new digital magazine that showcases all 140 colours featured in Epla-brand containers, including a number of blues that match and compliment 2020’s Pantone colour of the year, Classic Blue.

Epla blue container colours

“Epla is really leading the way when it comes to colour,” says Janan Alles, A.M.A.’s manager of growing containers, soils and equipment. “Gardens, entryways and patios are an extension of the home and consumers are looking to apply the same trends consistently across their space. These new colour cards can help inspire growers to think about container programs in a new light and get creative with combinations.”

For those who are wondering, Janan’s favourite Epla hue is Swedish Blue.

A.M.A. has been a proud supplier of Epla since 2008. Contact our container expert, Janan Alles, to get your program started.