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A.M.A. + EZ Grow Farms

“We knew what the plant needed to look like, but we had a long way to go to actually make that happen,” says Dusty Zamecnik, general manager of strawberry nursery EZ Grow Farms. “Having a partner in that growth and they believed in us…that belief you never forget.”

In this video, Dusty shares EZ Grow’s story and how A.M.A. Horticulture has been an invaluable partner in growing the strawberry business.

“We have been working with EZ Grow Farms since the inception of their program, helping them grow quality plants to foster a budding multi-million dollar industry for the Ontario Greenhouse sector,” says Shawn Mallen, manager of hydroponics and berries at A.M.A. “Innovation and knowledge exchange have been central to our partnership.”

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