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What’s next for peat?

There’s a reason why demand for peat is so high across the horticulture industry. This one-of-a-kind raw material offers beneficial properties that support healthy growth and helps put growers in the driver seat when it comes to cultivation.

Peat can improve crop performance, with benefits including:

  • Entirely free of weeds and pathogens
  • Buffer capacity for pH and nutrients
  • Excellent water retention, without loss of air capacity

In a recent article, BVB Substrates estimates that the growing demand for substrate will increase by 300% by 2050. That’s why they’re turning attention to other raw materials like coir, wood fibre and sphagnum moss that can deliver benefits for growers when mixed with peat.

Read BVB’s full article, The Use of Peat in Substrates, which discusses what’s next for the future of peat production.

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