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International Women’s Day 2019 – Women at A.M.A. on driving horticulture forward

To mark International Women’s Day on March 8th, women at A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. are sharing their insights on how to drive horticulture forward. The company’s female team members are at the heart of a social media campaign launched today.

“We strive to be a future-oriented company, always learning and always growing,” said Connie Bradt-Monsma, Managing Director of A.M.A. “In order to keep pace with our industry and continue to deliver the best solutions for our customers, we need to be surrounded by a broad range of perspectives. The diverse insights and experiences of our team are the backbone of our success.”

Fifty per cent of A.M.A.’s employees are women, and each brings unique knowledge from the horticulture and green industries to the team.

Like many in the industry, Connie was introduced to horticulture when she was a toddler, helping to plant, disbud and carry mums into the boiler room of a greenhouse in Amherstburg, Ontario. Years later, she and her husband, Rick Bradt, took over the reigns of A.M.A. from Connie’s father and A.M.A.’s founder, Allen Monsma.

“It’s been incredible to watch our industry evolve, and an even greater privilege to help drive it forward,” said Connie. “We’re seeing more women choose to work in horticulture, we’re increasingly connected to colleagues around the world, and we’re being propelled by the enthusiasm and innovation coming from the next generation of growers.”

“More viewpoints help to generate better solutions for growers and consumers,” said Rick Bradt, who jointly serves as Managing Director with Connie. “For A.M.A., that’s what it’s all about.”

Snapshots from A.M.A.’s International Women’s Day 2019 Social Media Campaign

International women's day connie
International women's day ama
international women's day anne marie
International women's day alex
international women's day kim
international womens day sarah
international women's day lisa
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international women's day elise

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