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NASGA’s Summer Tour is coming to Ontario!

You know what they say: Good things grow in Ontario! The North American Strawberry Growers Association (NASGA) summer tour is coming to Ontario for the first time ever this August 16th and 17th, and we couldn’t be more excited!

A.M.A. Horticulture has been a leader in North America’s berry growing industry for years and we are proud to sponsor of this event and show off the home-team innovation here in our own province!

NASGA Summer Tour Stops

  • Herrle Country Farm Market
  • Heeman’s Strawberries and Greenhouse
  • Howe Family Farm Market
  • Strawberry Tyme Farms Inc.
  • Blueberry Knoll Berry Farm
  • Fenwick Berry Farm
  • Tigchelaar Berry Farm
  • Springridge Farm

Innovation and Advantages in Ontario

NASGA tourists are stopping at eight very different farms all with great stories to tell and fantastic operations to see and learn from. Most of the featured farms have been active NASGA members and are progressive, innovative growers leverage Ontario’s many berry-growing advantages.

“Anything that can be on store shelves within 24 hours qualifies as local. From Ontario, growers can pretty well reach anywhere in North America within that timeframe, and that gives us a competitive advantage.”

Kevin Schooley, Executive Director, North American Strawberry Growers Association

In a recent interview, Kevin Schooley, Executive Director of NASGA, and Shawn Mallen, A.M.A.’s Manager of Hydroponics and Berries, talked about the kinds of innovation underway in Ontario. What can people expect to see on this summer’s NASGA tour? For one thing, new approaches to tabletop systems, tray plants and substrates.

“The innovation isn’t just in the mix. It’s in ensuring the right substrate for the right plant in the right context. Right now, with its complex fibre structure, European peat is the best solution for berries, specifically strawberries and raspberries.”

Shawn Mallen, Manager, Hydroponics & Berries, A.M.A. Horticulture

Read the full interview with Kevin and Shawn at the link below. Have questions? Kevin and Shawn will be be on the tour, along with A.M.A.’s Alex Frew!

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There is so much to see in a short time, it will be challenging to stay on schedule! The tour is currently full with a waitlist. For inquiries about joining the tour, contact 905-735-5379 or [email protected].

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