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Peak Season and COVID-19

February 4, 2021, KINGSVILLE – It’s peak season here at A.M.A. and we are incredibly busy. We’re very grateful for this and that we can continue to serve our customers. Being busy at this time of year is normal for us, but this year, things are a little different.  COVID-19 has changed the world and everyone has had to adapt as best they can and stay healthy at the same time.

A.M.A. has remained open throughout the pandemic, with only one COVID case (asymptomatic) among our staff. This year, however, a combination of market uncertainty, staffing issues for many employers, including us and our suppliers, transport difficulties for the same reason, and a spotty supply of production inputs have really made for a challenging time.

We are working very hard to keep supplies coming in and going out on time.  We acknowledge that we’ve not always been happy with our performance, often for reasons we can’t control, and that’s frustrating for us and more so for you.

We ask for your patience and strongly urge you to place orders well in advance of what you are used to.  We’ll do our very best to fill the orders, tell you ahead of time when we can’t, and try hard to come up with a substitution.

It’s a crazy time that we are in. Let’s hope we’re back to normal soon, whatever that’s going to be. See A.M.A.’s COVID message here.