Fafard Agro Mix S5 Germinating Mix 067115-21

Agro Mix S5 Germinating Mix

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Product Information

Fafard’s Agro Mix® S5 Germinating Mix is a soil specially designed for the production of seedlings in multi-cell trays. A rigorous sifting process allows us to obtain fine and uniform particles that are selected according to their particle size to facilitate filling of the trays. Agro Mix® S5 Germinating Mix contains an initial charge of soluble nutrients that provide a balanced nutrient environment for seed germination. It ensures an adequate level of fertility for 7 to 10 days of growth. Agro Mix® S5 Germinating Mix also contains coconut husk fibre which increase mineral retention while improving both the physical structure (porosity and stability over time) and the moistening of the soil mix. Ingredients: fine grade professional peat, medium grade perlite, coconut husk fibre, limestone, balanced nutrient charge with micronutrients, gypsum and a wetting agent. This product cannot be shipped via courier.

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