Bato Plastics B.V. 24 Cell Strawberry Propagation Tray 023295-01

24 Cell Strawberry Propagation Tray


x 1 per Case = 1

Product Information

Bato’s 24 Cell Strawberry Tray is a 24-hole propagation tray ideal for the production of plug plants, thanks to its 80-cc cup capacity. The design ensures an even planting distance with multiple plug trays one behind the other. Because of the staggered pattern at the ends, the trays remain neatly aligned in the field. Each tray has 4 (staggered) legs. This makes the plug trays both nestable and stackable. The length of the legs means there is sufficient light under all the cups, so that there is no rooting out. This also prevents the accumulation of sand and dirt. The bottom of the cup has a unique drainage system that stimulates good water flow.

  • 24-hole propagation tray
  • 80-cc cup capacity
  • Even planting distance
  • 4 staggered legs
  • Nestable and stackable
  • Sufficient light to avoid rooting out
  • Prevents accumulation of sand and dirt
  • Unique drainage system stimulates good water flow
  • Available in bulk – 1,050/pallet

Product Specifications