Blackmore 50 Octagon Vented Ellepot Tray 028001-01

50 Octagon Vented Ellepot Tray


x 100 per Case = 100

Product Information

Blackmore’s 50 Octagon Vented Ellepot Tray is made for 40mm x 40mm Ellepots. Cells volume is 55 cc. Layout is in a 5 x 10 configuration. It is great for nursery stock, perennials, hydrangeas, hibiscus, fruit trees, roses, squash, and zucchini. This tray also features vents between cells for better air circulation and reduced risk of disease.

  • Made for 40mm Ellepots
  • 40mm deep cells with 55 cc volume
  • 5 x 10 cell configuration
  • Features vents between cells for air circulation
  • Available in bulk – contact A.M.A. to learn more

Product Specifications