Terrazza MC Geotex PRO® Cleaning Machine 150010-00

Geotex PRO® Cleaning Machine

x 1 per Case = 1

Product Information

Thanks to the Geo TECH® brush, the Terrazza Geotex PRO® is the ideal machine for cleaning and removing weeds on all sorts of geotextile (woven and non-woven anti-root control fabric) in production, aisles, passages and other working areas.

With its Honda engine, the Terrazza Geotex PRO® is unique because of the reduced rotation speed of the brushes. Weeds, dirt, discolourations (algae or water salinization) and slippery substances are removed from the anti-root underlay, the aisles and the working areas. Cleaning and weed control with the Geotex PRO® is chemical free and requires no high pressure or thermic treatment.

Clean surfaces look better, are safer and reduce the risk of disease or infestation.

This machine includes::

  1. Honda 6 hp engine (GXV160)
  2. Geo Tech Brush – 52 cm diameter
  3. Sweeper Brush – 70 cm diameter
  4. Weedee Brush – 45 cm diameter
  5. Side guard
  6. Geo Tech Brush Spacer Kit
  • Reduces risk of disease and infestation
  • No chemicals
  • No projection of weeds, mud or sharp objects
  • Avoids spreading seed
  • No damage to the surface, borders or sprinklers
  • Relatively little dust
  • Easy to operate
  • Comfortable to work with, inside and out
  • The brushes clean thoroughly, especially with the use of water
  • The Geo TECH® brush makes the surface nice and smooth
  • Takes away slipperiness
  • Saves time in the daily cleaning routine
  • Some minor assembly required