Terrazza MC Geotex PRO® EGO Cleaning Machine 150005-00

Geotex PRO® EGO Cleaning Machine

x 1 per Case = 1

Product Information

Thanks to the Geo TECH® brush, the Terrazza Geotex PRO® EGO is the ideal machine for cleaning and removing weeds on all sorts of geotextile (woven and non-woven anti-root control fabric) in production, aisles, passages and other working areas.

With its Heavy Duty EGO™ Lithium Battery Powered Motor, the Terrazza Geotex PRO® EGO is quiet, emissions free and unique because of the reduced rotation speed of the brushes. Weeds, dirt, discolourations (algae or water salinization) and slippery substances are removed from the anti-root underlay, the aisles and the working areas. Cleaning and weed control with the Geotex PRO® EGO is chemical free and requires no high pressure or thermic treatment.

Clean surfaces look better, are safer and reduce the risk of disease or infestation.

This machine includes:

  1. DV 56V Motor
  2. Two EGO ARC Lithium™ 12.0Ah batteries
  3. EGO™ Power+ Rapid Charger (90 minutes/battery)
  4. Geo Tech® Brush – 52 cm diameter
  5. Sweeper® Brush – 70 cm diameter
  6. Weedee® Brush – 45 cm diameter
  7. Side guard
  8. Geo Tech® Brush Spacer Kit
  • Powerful
  • Reduces risk of disease and infestation
  • No chemicals
  • No projection of weeds, mud or sharp objects
  • Avoids spreading seed
  • No damage to the surface, borders or sprinklers
  • Relatively little dust
  • Easy to operate
  • Comfortable to work with, inside and out
  • The brushes clean thoroughly, especially with the use of water
  • The Geo TECH® brush makes the surface nice and smooth
  • Takes away slipperiness
  • Saves time in the daily cleaning routine – 2 people with Sweeper pass + Geo Tech pass with rinse ~ 450m² – 500m²/hour – that’s about 4,840 sq ft – 5,380 sq ft – WOW!
  • Approximately 7 – 10 times faster than with brooms
  • Battery run time: High ~ 2 hours; Low ~ 3 hours (2 operating batteries)
  • Some minor assembly required